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Our learning platform is completely responsive and easy to customise

Our adaptive learning platform seamlessly integrates with your existing educational framework, making setup hassle-free so you can focus on what truly matters—learning.

Engaging Interface

Our gamified interface revitalises the joy of learning, encouraging users to explore, make mistakes, and grow.

Progressive Web App

Built using cutting-edge PWA technology, EduNow delivers a seamless learning experience across all modern browsers and operating systems.

Easy Integration

With our ever-expanding list of APIs, EduNow simplifies the integration of your existing platforms.

Expanding Catalog

Our growing catalog of courses ensures a diverse and enriching learning experience.

Easy Payments

Flexible, affordable plans make next-gen education tech accessible to everyone.

Customisable Layouts

Tailor EduNow's interface to reflect your brand, reinforcing your institutional identity.

Features you'll love

EduNow is ever-evolving, offering an unparalleled learning experience with features that learners and educators love.

A robot and human hand touch above a cloud.

Adaptive Learning like Never Before

Our unique adaptive learning engine provides personalised paths to success, with metrics that track and promote individual progress.

Personalised Learning Paths

Real-Time Metrics

Goal-Oriented Learning

Scalable to Different Subjects

Built for Educators and Students

EduNow integrates effortlessly into the classroom, simplifying course management, automating reporting, and offering quick training tips for educators.

Streamlined Course Management

Automated Reporting

Quick Training Tips

Collaborative Learning

A tree sprouts from an image of a head.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the basic types of questions for our customers. For more
information please contact us.


How do I get early access?

Early access to our platform is currently available to investors and partners. To find out how to become an investor or partner, please contact us.


How are courses made?

Our courses are designed in house and approved by our dedicated teaching team. This ensures all our courses allign to local curricula, and required learning outcomes.


Who can use the learning platform?

The learning platform is currently aimed at junior high school (grades 7-10). Please contact us if you have a custom course that you are requiring to be made available early.


How do I sign my students up?

Access is currently restricted to partner schools. If you wish to become a partner school with us, please contact us.

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